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All CCS stormwater packages include commercial stormwater storage and water quality products to assist the user in solving their stormwater problems.

Clear Creek Solutions has directly worked with the manufacturers of major stormwater products to make sure that their products are accurately modeled in WWHM-SWMM.

Current stormwater commercial products available in WWHM-SWMM include:
" Oldcastle KriStar Bio Mod biofiltration units
" Oldcastle StormCapture module vaults
" Bio Clean Modular Wetland System Linear biofiltration units
" ADS StormTech storage chambers
" Brentwood StormTank module storage units
" Torrent Resources MaxWell Type IV drywells
" CULTEC Contactor and Recharger plastic storage chambers
"CONTECH CMP systems

Each commercial stormwater product is represented in WWHM-SWMM by one or more stage-storage-discharge tables used by EPA HSPF routing algorithms to route the stormwater runoff through the product.

Most WWHM-SWMM commercial product elements also includes an auto-sizing feature to assist the user in selecting the optimal size for the hydromodification or water quality facility to meet NPDES MS4 requirements.
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Commercial Elements
Commercial Elements
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